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Focused. Two entrepreneurial minds, a group of community bankers, along with an experienced Board of Directors, formulated the operating plan to provide tailored financial services to clients with speed, flexibility, and local decision making. Headquartered in Oregon City, Oregon, Lewis & Clark Bank was established as a state-chartered commercial bank in December, 2006. The founders envisioned a locally based bank focused on providing personalized services to meet the needs of its clientele, and one whose management would make decisions based on interactions with the community and an understanding of local needs and circumstances.


Watch us. Lewis & Clark Bankerpreneurs share the entrepreneurial spirit with their clients who also own and have started their own businesses. Growth is a goal. But, more importantly, to be the resource and destination for small businesses who want to expand and be woven into the business fabric of their communities. Can we be more than a bank? Lewis & Clark Bank is a catalyst for organizations that positively impact all those around them. Beyond rates and all things commodity, Lewis & Clark Bank will continue to be the go-to expert and provider of valuable small business advice.

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